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Food Fortification

Your Partner for Food Fortification

Food Fortification

VitaForms has expertise in formulating value added products for food fortification. We have specialized manufacturing capability for encapsulated dry vitamins at various concentrations. We also have capability in stabilization of Vitamins for higher processing stability. We offer versatile packaging sizes of 1 – 50 lb (1 – 25 kg).

Vitamin A

Dry Vitamin A Palmitate 250 IU

Dry Vitamin A Acetate 250 IU

Dry Vitamin A Acetate 325 IU

Dry Vitamin A Acetate 500 IU

Vitamin D

Dry Vitamin D3 100 CWS

Dry Vitamin D3 500 Stabilized

Dry Vitamin D3 850 Stabilized

Dry Vitamin D2 CWS (Ergocalciferol)

Vitamin E

Vitamin E 50% Dry Powder 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 0.1% Tirchurate

Vitamin B12 5.0%